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Mini Excavator
Mini Excavator
Mini Excavator
Mini Excavator

Residential and Small Commercial Excavation

Ill pitched landscaping (whether it be too much or not enough) can lead to all kinds of unwanted issues and costly repairs.

Culverts and Drainage Ditches

Ditch not draining as efficiently as it could, large heave or pothole over the drainage ditch? Are the ends of the metal and/or corrugated tube pinched, flattened, collapsed, rusted through, constantly plugged or all chewed up?




Plumbing, Electrical and Footings, whether it be for a new addition, Pole Barn, Garage or Shed. Let the excavator do the hard work of breaking through the hard soil, rocks and tree roots while saving time, money and your back.




Concrete and Blacktop Removal

Replacing a driveway, patio, concrete slab or sidewalk? Removing the concrete or blacktop in large pieces makes for easier clean-up and prep time and less manual labor.

Mini Excavator
Mini Excavator
Mini Excavator
Mini Excavator

Tree Line and Stump Removal

Looking to build, expand or simply stream-line the look of your property and add value? Unsightly tree stumps needing to be removed, rather than waiting years for them to break down before being able to use the space? Removing all of the tree, roots included will make your vision possible.

Small Residential/Commercial Pond Building and Dredging

Always wanted a small pond or has your current pond started to look less than desirable? Make that dream come true or improve the look of your existing pond.



Residential and Small Commercial Demolition and Removal

Have an old barn, garage, shed or lean-to that is beyond or too costly to repair, is it a safety hazard or bringing your property value down? What about the curb appeal?

Make easy work of removal and give you the much-needed space, value or curb appeal.



Gravel Parking Lot/Driveway Pothole Repair​

Do you have standing water, puddles or tired of having to avoid the potholes to prevent costly damage to your vehicle? Reshaping the existing pothole along with proper pitching prior to refilling with gravel will help prevent potholes from quickly returning vs. just filling the pothole.

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