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My Story

      Every boy's dream........or at least this boys dream has been and continues to be, to be able to play in the dirt and demolish things!!!!! Over the years I have had a wide variety of jobs. I have built semi-trailers in Stoughton, assembled Suburban's in Janesville, painted highway lines from Northern Wisconsin all the way to Kansas, I was also a garbage man for a number of years, since 2016 I've been in the construction industry building custom homes, post frames, ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms) homes, remodeling and updating. However, my true calling is "playing" in the dirt.

     In 2015, I took opportunity of a lifetime out in the Black Hills of South Dakota, where I cut my teeth running an excavator, dump truck and front-end loader.......VERY different than Wisconsin!!! A day in the excavator never feels like "work." The experience and knowledge that I gained while working in the Black Hills of South Dakota, (though the terrain maybe different) I have carried with me, that experience and knowledge that I have today and I have been able to apply it to my current terrain here in Wisconsin. 

      With all of these jobs I have gained different experiences and knowledge and a profound respect for customer service and detail. I am a very honest and upfront person that doesn't back down from challenges. If I say: "I'll be there," I'll be true to my word.

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