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generic tree stump_edited.jpg

This was a substantial sized area that had a heavy traffic wear pattern, leaving the area heavily rutted with potholes.

Gravel Driveway_Pothole Repair.jpeg

Customer wanted stumps removed after having brand new driveway poured. The driveway proved to be challenging for this project as extra caution had to be used as to not cause any damage. 

Stump Removal_edited.jpg

Frozen ground, rain, snow and frost caused the previously dug holes to fill and retain water.

Pole Barn Hole_Trench.jpeg

Much needed improvement.

Finished Gravel Driveway Repair_edited.jpg

With persistence "The Challenge" was WON without damage to the new driveway!!!!!!

Stump Removal 2.jpeg

Due to high water level and existing holes filling with water, the easiest remedy was to dig a trench, so posts could be placed efficiently and properly.

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