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​ So glad you found me! 

I'm Kris Peters - Owner/Operator of:


In 2022, with the encouragement and support of family and friends, I decided to start my own business venture.  I'm a hard working and dependable indvidual with a keen eye for detail. I will work with you every step of the way to be sure you that are satisfied with the end result! 

I offer fair and honest pricing.

Our Services
(but not limited to)

  Residential and Small Commercial Excavation 

 Culverts and Drainage Ditches
 Trenches for Plumbing/ Electrical/ Footings
 Concrete and Blacktop Removal

 Gravel Parking Lot/Driveway Pothole Repair
   Small Residential Pond Dredging and Building

 Land Terracing (for future Landscaping)
Tree Line and Stump Removal

 Residential and Small Commercial Demolition/Removal

 Land Reclamation

Extened Arm Excavator_edited.jpg

Call us at: 1-920-723-9898 for a price estimation

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